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The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

Father Olazabal

Fra Freddy introduced Father Olazabal and thanked him for the beautiful Mass he celebrated for the delegates that morning in the Gesu et Maria.

Father Olazabal spoke briefly about the events in the Institute over the past two years. He said he was more comfortable in Spanish, French or Italian but would try his best in English. The church of St. Maryís Oratory, at Wausau, Wisconsin, was restored under the direction of Monsignor Schmidt and was consecrated by the Bishop of Lacrosse, Wisconsin, USA, on the Feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Father Jackson, the Superior in America of the seminary of the Fraternity of St. Peter, also attended. The bishop used the old rite of consecration for the church. Many people now visit this beautiful church.

At the last meeting of the priests of the Institute Monsignor Wach told us about the importance of the liturgy. He explained the reasons doctrinal, liturgical and spiritual why we must retain the old rite liturgy and he invited Father Barreiro of Catolica to give a conference about his last book about the liturgy. Father Barreiro spoke very well about how every liturgy can come under the influence of the culture of the moment. It is even more important to retain the old rite now because of the various cultures who canít understand the modern worship if it is not in their own language. We need to maintain the preservation because we will come under pressure to make the adaptation of our liturgy suitable for the mentality of the times of today.

I was asked to make some comments about the canonical situation. Two bishops in the USA have given us not only a personal parish but one has given us two churches for our use and the rector of the church will be nominated by our superior. Also, the rite to be used in these two churches will be the old rite. We also have some houses erected in other countries. In the last year we have four new foundations in France and we have very good relations with the bishops. Sometimes it is a little difficult, normally they cannot understand what we do but we donít need that they understand us, only that they support us and give us the permission to do our work. The situation in Spain is a little better after the recent Mass by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos in Saint Mary Major and the Spanish cardinal is more friendly with us and gives us a better place for the celebration of our Masses.

There are some little things about our situation and we must pray for our unity. For our formation at Gricigliano we insist on remaining within the unity of the whole Church because we need to live in charity within the Church to make our apostolate successful.